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In this section, we take you through the process of the construction of a garden from initial consultation to the final plant being planted.

Anita Nolan
Shrewsbury Lawn
Dublin 18

Step 1

From a consultation in the Garden Heaven Garden Design Clinic, Darragh from Earthworks Landscape Services met with Anita and her son, John. They came well prepared with a scale drawing and some ideas. An important point at this time, was that they knew what they didn't want. As part of the design team at the show, we only had 20 minutes to come up with a workable design. From our brief discussion, Darragh came up with a design that worked for them. A free rein was given and it felt like they trusted the design.

Step 2

From the initial consultation, a call was made to Darragh following the show. With that an appointment was made with Anita and John to visit their property. On inspection, the design didn't need any changes and the clients were very happy with it. From this meeting, a price was drawn up and agreed on.

Step 3

Once everything was agreed, a date was set for commencement of the project. The following photos show the garden cleared and the start of the structure being constructed in the garden. Reclaimed red bricks were being utilised to form the major structures within the garden.

Step 4

The next step in the construction process after the reclaimed brick edging was to construct the pergola walkway around the garden leading to the raised patio area. The timber used was Western Red Cedar. From picking out the logs in the timber mill in Wicklow, the cedar was milled into 4 x 4 inch posts & 6 x 2 inch rails. The timber is then planed and sanded ready for use as a walkway. On reaching the patio area, you are greeted with a herringbone step and the patio is edged with 6 x 2 inch cedar also. The patio itself is constructed using hand cut Indian Sandstone of which a fire pit is incorporated into it. The fire pit was one of the features John had requested, as he wanted a party garden.

Step 5

From step 4, you can see a lot of changes within the garden. The grass has been rolled out creating an instant green base within the garden. This instantly softens the harsh lines of construction. Access to the garden has been created by constructing a step down into the garden to meet the pergola walkway. A domestic area has been created by cordoning off the area behind the fence. The shed will fit perfectly in there. An access point from the patio around to the other end of the garden by using 300mm hand cut Indian Sandstone stepping stones. This area was created for Anita. Anita requested to have a relaxation area within the garden. This involved thinning two large beech trees and creating an area using granite boulders which leads to a tree seat. Within this area, a water feature was constructed using 3, 2 inch jets of water that foam over Scottish cobbles. This area was then planted using copper beech. This hedge will be kept at 4 - 5 ft and will divide the relaxation garden from the party garden.

Planting & Lighting

The planting areas were designed so that a huge amount of maintenance wouldn't be required. The main theme of the planting for the garden would be of a woodland nature. The garden is in semi-shade a lot of the time so woodland planting suits perfectly. The garden was then connected up to power and lights. Lights within the garden add a great deal of interest and also make it usable at night.

Overall, an interesting and exciting project with excellent clients. Anita & John, yet very involved with the project, took a step back and put trust in Earthworks Landscape Services to build and create a successful garden for them to enjoy for many, many parties, that is years to come I mean. From a quick meeting at the Garden Heaven Show at the RDS, a garden was created for them using quality materials and workmanship. May we at Earthworks Landscape Services wish Anita, John and family many years of happiness from their garden.



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Below is an interview with Anita, which was carried out by Barbara Molloy from Pickapro:

When was the work done?

During December 2005.

What was involved?

Earthworks completely relandscaped the front and back garden. It is now on two levels. They built a beautiful cedar wood gazebo, sandstone patio, firepit, stepping stones, a Buddhist area with a hedge around it, installed garden lighting & planted shrubs. In the front they built a driveway and a rockery. They also had to cut down large trees which they did very well.

How did you choose Earthworks Landscape services?

I met Darragh at the RDS in the Garden Design area. I was impressed with him. I had talked to a lot of people before that and hadn't been impressed.

Had you definite ideas in mind before you talked to Darragh?

I hadn't a clue what I wanted but I knew what I didn't want. I wanted something unusual that was easy to maintain. And I wanted everything natural, a Buddhist type look.

Did Darragh introduce new ideas?

He had great ideas - very artistic and imaginative. I had talked to a few people and Earthworks were the only ones to come up with ideas.

How did the project run day to day? Was there any disruption?

I work from home as a consultant. I was able to work through it. The work took about three weeks and they worked solidly from 8 in the morning until dark. I organised a little garden opening and they worked very hard to get the garden finished before my guests arrived. We made Earthworks the guests of honour at the opening.

They were very pleasant and enthusiastic. They were excited about the project and they enjoyed doing it, even though it was December and the worst time of year to do that kind of work.

What was the biggest benefit to you of using Darragh?

I trusted him. He didn't spoof me. And he had great ideas.

What's your favourite part now?

The back garden probably. I really like it all.

Would you recommend Earthworks Landscape Services?

Yes. I can highly recommend them. I would have them back tomorrow. I couldn't praise them highly enough.
And I have a very critical family and not one of them had any faults.